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9 Unbelievably Bad Tech Interview Experiences

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by Ben Wilson

As many of us know, the interview process can be very difficult for candidates.

However, we were not aware of just how dreadful it had been for some in the tech field.

It all started when Jill Jubinski (@jilljubs) opened the floor to Twitter, asking users to share their worst tech interview experiences.

We’re not sure what we expected to find when looking at the responses.

Maybe a hiring manager running extremely late? Or an awkward moment with the old hug-or-handshake mix-up?

Nope. These recruitment ordeals are much, much worse than we could have imagined.

9 of the worst interview experiences we’ve ever seen

While outside interviews aren’t an alien concept, we think Jamie Hannaford’s algorithm test would’ve benefitted from a more appropriate venue (and interviewer):

During a programming interview, Ed Leafe had a particularly confident interviewer offer their insight following a test:

Krüstuna had the pleasure of being invited to complete a ‘paid project’ as part of her interview process:

Developer Advocate, PJ Hagerty recalls this bizarre experience:

We don’t envy twitter user @kf, who was has been subjected to not one but two inappropriate interview techniques:

Developer extraordinaire @rakyll suffered possibly the worst scheduling error ever seen:

Carolyn Van Slyck was questioned about the authenticity of her coding project, with a side of casual sexism:

But of all the bad interviews listed, we feel this one by Nicola Heald may just take the cake:

@jilljubs The HR person that met me when I arrived at the office started playing with my hair.

— @notnownikki

There are no words...

And in the interest of fairness, here’s a crazy interviewer experience from Google’s Director of Open Source, Chris DiDona:

We’d like to thank Jill Jubinski for starting this discussion, encouraging tech professionals to share their experiences and opening many eyes to the horrors of bad tech recruitment.

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