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Testing and Automation

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About Testing

The software testing and automation markets are constantly transforming. 

According to the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report, cloud and digital businesses are demanding a shift toward continuous quality. Application leaders must support their teams in integrating and effectively utilising test automation tools in their DevOps toolchain, to enable continuous delivery.

As the rise of automation continues and testing methods evolve, it is harder than ever for companies to find and hire the desired talent for their projects in the software development and testing industry. 

Navigating this market is not an easy task for businesses, which is why our specialist consultants are trained to partner with our clients, understanding the needs of their QA, testing and automation teams and knowing what the ideal candidate would be for their teams and projects.


    Our software testing consultants are on the pulse of the latest trends in testing, QA and automation; researching the most popular tools, the hottest skills on the market and what testing candidates can expect when joining a new company.

    By thoroughly qualifying our testing candidates before introducing them to the interview process, we ensure that client expectations are met by keeping their hiring needs at the core of our recruitment activity.

    Our candidate services are open and honest. We answer all questions from candidates about the job roles we offer, making sure that any queries and concerns are covered immediately to guarantee maximum confidence and clarity in the hiring and interviewing process.

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